Stories about trees elsewhere

It’s interesting to speculate on what the students at AU and UA would have done about the Comose Fig tree.

Auburn University / University of Alabama
Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, Australia

I’ve been in contact about our blog with photographer and bat advocate Nick Edards, who participated in the effort to keep the bats at the Royal Botanic Gardens. Here’s a wonderful message he sent me recently:

I wish you well in your efforts to raise awareness of the value of heritage items. One of the most complicated aspects of the Botanic Gardens dispersal is that we’re trying to find a balance between protecting the heritage of the gardens and the threatened bats that are damaging some of those trees. It seems to be a situation where there should be a compromise but I’m afraid that the only possibility for compromise appears to be an outcome where the dispersal goes ahead but fails. Who would have thought that nature could be so complicated!


2 thoughts on “Stories about trees elsewhere

  1. These touching and new responses, are so appreciated. Thanks for sharing them. There are folks everywhere who are dedicating their lives to preserving the environment. I was particularly moved by Art’s presentation at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center on Feb. 5 and amazed when he said his group had planted about 82, 000 trees on Maui over the last decade or two. Merwin’s reading and comments were moving too, of course.

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