Moving a big tree

Many thanks to Alan Mawyer for sending the following message and link:

I just watched an episode of Mega Movers where they moved 7 or more giant Live Oaks in Mississippi, I think. They were building a golf course and didn’t want to lose the trees as they are the noble tree of the South. They mentioned that when UVA built the North Fork Research Park, they moved a whole lot of trees. I could have sworn he said 700, but that sounds way too high for Cedars. I believe he said the Live Oaks weighed over 300,000 lbs. This is just a short clip, but it was an interesting show. I know they can move anything, but I never considered moving a tree that big.


3 thoughts on “Moving a big tree

  1. such a nice video.. love it.. good for treespecialists.
    looking forward to see more posts from you.. 🙂

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