Couldn’t have said it better…

In this file photo taken June 25, 2004, Christopher Mock, 24, of Los Angeles hikes the Salmon River Trail in the Mount Hood National Forest, outside Zig Zag, Ore. Photo by Rick Bowmer/AP.

Many thanks to Keith Leber for sending me the link to “Head for the Woods During International Year of Forests,” an MSNBC piece by travel writer Rob Lovitt. Here is an excerpt:

[F]orest advocates maintain that raising children’s awareness of forests creates an ongoing cycle that benefits both. “Twenty-five years ago, 68 percent of Americans lived in urban areas; today, it’s 80 percent,” said Alex Comfort, executive director of the Cradle of Forestry Interpretive Association. “People don’t live on the land anymore, so it’s increasingly important to explain why forests matter.…

“We live in an age where kids are basically disconnected from nature,” said Comfort. “We’ve got to make sure they visit forests — that they hike, camp, learn about trees — so that in 20 years, they’ll have the political will as voters to make sure we continue to protect these places.”


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