Beautiful Earth

Wise words from my friend Hal:

The best way to handle Kaka‘ako is to keep it at its present low density. Make a street-friendly, people-friendly place with no cars and wandering paths that go all the way to Nimitz Highway and to the ocean. Grow lots of trees, have Hawaiian gardens, have little pop-up art, literature, and musical venues. Have poetry readings and folksingers. Bike and skateboard paths. Bishop Estate, you have made enough money and continue to pay your CEOs through your present investments. We don’t need any more housing developments for rich Asian and mainland people. We don’t need a larger population. Invest in water usage and soil replenishment. Don’t think capitalist greed. Think joy and wonderment of a more beautiful Earth.


One thought on “Beautiful Earth

  1. Go, Hal! This is the ONLY solution for an island already on its way to total collapse! And while we’re at it, how about getting rid of Monsanto and all the developers who are swallowing up our ag land and replacing them with organic farms.

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